Products out of the PRO-HUB Coil Handling Program

Coil Lift Truck 50 to  
for rational and gentle Coil Handling

with rubbercoated powered surface rollers for the gentle retaining and turning of the coils and to ensure a safe and careful feed to the reel mandrel of the processing machine.
The Lifting Table is fitted with a frequency-controlled moving device in longitudinal direction; the Coil Lift Truck can be used not only to feet the machine, but also to transport the coils from the storage place (e.g. coil bench) to the machine.


A frequency converter controls the moving speed and ensures a gentle drive and brake.

Die PRO-HUB Coil Handling product range comprises:

•    Coil Elevator Transport Vehicle (ETV)
•    Coil ETV with holder and feeding arm
•    Stationary and Movable Coil Bench
•    Turnstile
•    Powered Rotary Platform with integrated rails
•    Sleeve Exchange Vehicle
•    Sleeve Feeder and Dispenser
•    Coil Shuttle
•    Coil Tipper
•    Coil Rail Transport Vehicle
•    Stacking Table with weighing system
•    Special hydraulic and SPS control systems